Spillage tray to car

Spillage tray to car 2018-08-13T09:00:22+00:00

Who does not know that, when you come to the winter period, and your garage become a pigsty after snow, dirt and fluids from the car.
Why not keep your garage clean with a spillage tray to the car.
The basic colors to the spillage tray is either black, grey or blue.

5,1m * 2,5m:    1425kr.        (1140 kr. ekskl. moms)

6,1m * 2,36m: 1531,25 kr.  (1225 kr. ekskl. moms)

7,6m * 2,5m :   1775 kr.       (1420 kr. ekskl. moms)

Call and ask for a quotation, or a specific size or color.