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Schanflex is a modern manufacturing company.

We do everything in high-frequency, hot air welding, ultrasonic welding, extruder-welding/bending of plastic sheets, manufacturing of steel structures and solutions to many different problems regarding plastic covers in connection with the plates and print as well as the cutting of fabric rolls.

We are as a company, a total supplier, which means that we complete all tasks throughout a project ourselves.

We have over the years developed very unique methods in welding with high frequency and hot air in PVC, PU and PE for the production of both airtight and waterproof items, such as the ones used by government agencies rescue and emergency equipment, covers for manure storage tanks, storage tanks for biogas plants and bellow systems for the transport of food etc.

An ordinary day

We are accustomed to the tasks is never the same, therefore we are competent in the field of new ideas and projects. Our product range is very wide, which is also linked to our product categories.

A look at our products gives a little insight into some of the tasks we have successfully completed in the past.
In addition, we also manufacture steel structures in connection with our projects.

Values and mission

With Schanflex ApS, we see opportunities where others see problems, which means that we stand ready with open arms for new projects and ideas, we are also a competent partner you can discuss and talk to about projects.

Our mission is to provide quality products in a timely manner as well as to fulfill customers wishes in best possible way. This is why Scanflex ApS is the place, where we will take care of your next project or special wishes.

Product development is a great virtue for us as we pursue development.


A peek under some of our references, gives an insight into what we have produced and sold our products too, which is everything from private to public institutions to enterprises and everything in between.


A.P. Møller – Mærsk, Vestas, Arla, Roblon, Cimbria, Beredskabsstyrelsen, MSB Sverige, Brand og redning, Flyvevåbnet, Søværnet, VUC Haderslev, DFDS, Sirius patruljen, Rigsarkivet Århus etc.