Maintenance-free cover fence

Maintenance-free cover fence 2018-08-13T08:19:16+00:00

Would you like to create shelter around your living space, the possibilities are many with our so-called “windnet”.
Would you like a different and maintenance-free fence? We produce this made to your specific desired sizes and measurements.

We offer the sharpest prices within maintenance-free fence in Denmark, and in the best quality.
Complete maintenance-free fence including Hot Dip Galavanized iron poles and flat metal as well as wire for theightning.

Height: 180cm, 140cm & 100 cm.
Color: Black, dark grey, grey og Beige.
Including – Iron poles, flat metal, wire, top profiles og blindnitte.
Prices by running meter with 180cm, 140cm & 100cm
The prices are as the following:
732 kr. lbm. (586 kr. without VAT)
621 kr. lbm. (497 kr. without VAT)
511 kr. lbm. (408 kr. without VAT)

This implies everything except set-up of maintenance-free fence.

In relation to specific wishes and requirements can be obtained via. phone or email.